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Betting guide : Over 2.5 billion people play cricket every year, making it the second most popular sport in the world. Because of the abundance of betting opportunities, cricket betting strategies should be familiar to both seasoned gamblers and casual sports enthusiasts. This article explains how to wager on cricket, how to understand betting odds, and what methods you may use to increase your chances of winning.

Analyzing Betting Odds for Cricket Games

Odds for a cricket match may be read in the same way as for any other major sport. The most common kind of cricket wager is a moneyline bet, which involves choosing the outright winner of the match. A moneyline bet in a cricket match would have these odds:

  • India -200
  • England +170

The following odds are presented in American format, where the favored team is denoted by a minus sign (-) and the underdog by a plus sign (+). If the underdog team, England, with a +170 betting line were to win the wager, the bettor would gain $170 ($100 back plus $170 on the victory). If a bettor wagers $100 on the -200 favorite India and wins, they will get $150 (their original wager plus $50).

Decimal odds (1.9) multiply your potential return by the odds mentioned, while Fractional odds (3/2) show a ratio of your possible gain to the amount you would have to wager.

Successful Cricket Betting Strategy

Cricket betting, like sports betting in general, requires a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Winning cricket bets requires knowledge of the sport, the players, and the tournament forms, but it also requires familiarity with the many online sports betting options.

Learn how to wager on a cricket match in a variety of forms, including the most common ones found on online bookmakers.

Winning in Match

Like was previously said, the most common wager in cricket, as in most other major sports, is a moneyline wager on the match winner. Depending on the rules of the tournament, certain sportsbooks may allow you to wager on a tie. Double chance bets, similar to the common “draw no bet” bets in soccer, are common in cricket.

Betting the match winner is a simple method for novice gamblers or casual fans to increase the stakes in a game and place a winning bet on cricket.

Batting Averages in Different Innings

Many cricket bettors also like placing wagers based on the number of runs scored in a given inning. Bets may be placed by fans on whether the actual number of runs scored in an inning will be OVER or UNDER the total forecasted by an online bookmaker. Only two innings are played in T20 and other forms, with each side batting only once. In some variants, the game is played across four or more innings with each side taking turns at bat.

betting on the outcome of the first ball or over in a cricket match

Spectators may gamble on the result of the first ball or over of a cricket match if they desire a more quick payoff. In cricket betting, the over/under for the first ball and first over is more common than odds for particular outcomes (a six, four, wicket, etc.).

Cricket Over/Under Totals Bets on Players and Teams

Fans may gamble on the overall runs scored by a player or a team in the match, similar to how they can bet on the total runs scored in an inning or the first ball/first over results. Fans may bet OVER or UNDER the totals established by the books for both the side and the players.

Books may also provide a second total wager on whether or not a player will score a century (100 runs) or a half-century (50 runs). You may also wager on the combined number of runs scored by the starting duo at several sportsbooks.

Cricket betting in real time

Bets in several of the aforementioned forms may also be placed in-play at numerous bookmakers. In addition to the constantly shifting odds on the basic forms, live in-play cricket betting may also provide chances for those interested in learning how to bet on cricket in novel ways, such as on the result of the next ball or the next over.

Strategy for Winning Cricket Futures Bets

Cricket prop bets provide punters more options for wagering on the sport by letting them gamble on in-play outcomes that won’t change the game’s ultimate score. Below are some of the most common cricket props for fans studying how to bet on cricket and win, while different betting markets will offer different options depending on the game or format.

Flip a Coin

Some sportsbooks let cricket fans place bets on whether heads or tails will appear on the coin during the first toss.

Top Batsman/Top Bowler

Top batsman props and top bowler props provide cricket fans with an alternative to betting on match events or results by focusing on individual players. In a top batsman bet, the bettor predicts either the player or the team that will finish with the most runs. You may place a top bowler bet on the player who you think will finish the game with the most wickets.

Numerous Sixes

Fans may wager on which player or team will score the most sixes in a match, much to a top batsman prop bet.

Sports Betting Opportunities in Cricket

Cricket, like other major international sports, has a wide variety of tournaments and competition forms throughout the year. To learn how to bet on a cricket match, interested parties must first decide which cricket format and tournament they will bet on.

T20 – Indian Premier League Cricket

okbet cricket indian premier league

The Indian Premier League is an annual cricket tournament contested between the months of March and May. It has eight teams from different regions and locations within India. T20 cricket is used for the IPL, with each team getting two innings of 20 overs each. Many individual props and team totals are much lower than in previous formats due to the shortened schedule.

The IPL and its Australian equivalent Big Bash League may be the best leagues for fans just learning how to wager on cricket because of the shorter game duration and the offensive-oriented style of play.

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